Labor is one of the biggest assets of a business, but is often the asset with the highest overall cost. The operational layout of a workforce is the key to success for many organizations. The quality of a schedule directly influences the quality of service and quality of goods.

We have over twenty years of experience in workforce scheduling in North America, Europe, and Australia. This experience has honed our unique and deep expertise. We can help you find and develop the best solutions – solutions that are adapted to your business domain, your organization’s culture, your operational constraints, and your needs.

With you, we explore and analyze your business processes. We then propose solutions that will maximize the efficiency of time management and workforce scheduling in your operations.

Our approach has three steps:

Analyze: To start, we document and list the current operational practices and processes in your business. We focus on practices and processes that are related– closely or distantly – to your workforce schedules. We can dedicate this analysis to a single department that has specific issues, or we can extend the analysis to the enterprise level where we perform an operational audit that identifies critical, choke points in your business.

Diagnose: Backed by the data accumulated from the analysis, we identify the symptoms and costs of inefficiency and, most importantly, the underlying causes. These causes hurt your business, but are often hidden by complex, inefficient, and distracting processes.

Remedy: By identifying the real, underlying causes of inefficiencies, we then develop and present you with solutions that have multiple options. These options are customized precisely to the context of your business and are practical and realistic.

We can help your organization develop your own, in-house experts – experts who can take charge of implementing and optimizing your workforce schedules and operational processes. We equip your experts with the basic principles and a set of best practices that avoid common mistakes.

The objective of our approach is to train the planners, who are already in charge of schedules, so that they understand the science behind schedule creation and maintenance, but in a manner that is adapted precisely to the operational context of your business. This internal expertise will become essential, not only to meet your daily operations, but if your business circumstances are pushing you to the next level, develop the acumen needed to assess, select, and implement scheduling systems that will give you automation and deep analysis.